Rehabilitation Center

Providing professional care and education for children with disability so that they may become a part of the society as an healthy adult.


_11 Students

_Staffs: 1 Supervisor, 1 Teacher in charge, 2 Teachers, 1 Administrator/Teaching assistant, 1 Nanny


Operating System 

_Education Fee: Free

_Course: 6 Months (2 semester in a year)

               _Individualized course for each student every semester

               _Contents: (study/ acquire basic knowledge/ acquire skills/ physical education/ language training/ training of daily living



 _The center is temporarily located on the third floor of Sunrising Jr High School- the classes are held in a confined and hot space- a rehabilitation center (building) is needed to be built

_Continuing support for the center is needed so that we can help all children coming for help 

(Due to financial status, we are able to hire limited teachers, meaning many of the children cannot enroll at our facility)


​서울시 마포구 동교로 12안길 23, 4401

401,23, Donggyo-ro 12an-gil Mapo-gu Seoul, South Korea

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TEL 02-2060-8690     HP 010-6337-8690     FAX 02-6378-8690